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Your Mind’s Eye has a unique offering of confectionary items of all types. Sweet and Savory. Edible images in rolled butter-cream or frosting. Unique Artist Designs. One of the details that set Your Mind’s Eye apart is the ability to take a concept for your event and create amazing, elegant or whimsical, delicious confections for a dessert bar, candy table, exquisite cheese bars with the list going on & on.

Your Mind’s Eye uses the finest of Ingredients and upon request all confections can be made dairy, gluten or nut free.Confection Menu


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Day of Wedding / Event Coordination$800-1000

Day of wedding/event coordination begins with a comprehensive consultation with the bride or host 4 weeks prior to the wedding date. From there we assemble a detailed timeline for the day and work to ensure everything comes together just as you envision it. The amount of resources budgeted towards your event/wedding can be extensive and countless hours have been spent designing the day of your dreams so day of coordination can ensure you get the most for your money. We will handle last minute snafu’s allowing you to be a relaxed and beautiful bride or the host or hostess of the year!

Month of Coordination$1500-2000

Month of coordination includes the all the same services above along with checking and finalizing all the design details you have made. This includes checking floor plans, cake orders, coordinating favors, floral art, activities, photographers. The list goes on and on.

Venue Selection

Please let us help you find and secure your Venue. We have experience with most venues in the area and can help you determine whether or not a location will meet all your wishes. There are many hidden details inside contracts that we are aware of and can help you to analyze how well your dollars are being spent.


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Our Design Dictionary

styles to inspire your day

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[av_toggle title=’Artsy Chic’ tags=”]
At a posh gallery or warehouse space. Inspired décor with a black and white color palette
[av_toggle title=’Beachy’ tags=”]
Beachfront setting, nautical or tropical details. Sea glass color palette.
[av_toggle title=’Glamorous’ tags=”]
In a ballroom: jewel tones, metallics and lots of sparkle!
[av_toggle title=’Preppy’ tags=”]
At a Yacht or Country Club, bright, yet classic colors; playful motifs like lobsters, nautical elements and sea shells
[av_toggle title=’Retro Chic’ tags=”]
At a Hip Hotel or Restaurant, a throwback to a different era, playful details, bright colors and bold graphics
[av_toggle title=’Rustic Chic’ tags=”]
At a vineyard, beach, barn, ranch or mountaintop, understated colors with faint color schemes or bolder harvest schemes, a definite mix of rugged and luxe
[av_toggle title=’Romantic’ tags=”]
Botanical gardens, sweeping views, sprawling Gatsby-style Estates, soft blushes and ivory, garden roses, candelabras and candlelight
[av_toggle title=’Vintage’ tags=”]
At an estate or winery with old world charm, lace, muted colors, antiques and whimsical details
[av_toggle title=’Urban Chic’ tags=”]
A Modern sophisticated look amped up with sleek design elements, architectural blooms and graphic pattern

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