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Your Mind’s Eye is a unique studio based event stylist, coordinator, baker and confectionist. No event is too small or too large or Your Mind’s Eye. Whatever your event may be, details of your vision are accomplished with artisan design concepts and solutions. We pride ourselves in providing unforgettable eye candy, décor, couture.

Your Mind’s Eye was created by Deborah Loveridge, an Interior Designer, Event Stylist, Confectionist and lover of all things green and floral. Deborah received a Bachelor of Fine Art from San Diego Design Institute and has practiced Interior Design for over 20 years. The unique combination of a design background and the desire to create unforgettable events and confections unique to an event prompted the development of Your Mind’s Eye Studio in 2008.

Just as each event has it’s own size and personality; YOUR MIND’S EYE can expand with a list of other design professionals from floral art to full service catering. Let us be there for you every step of the way.


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Click Below to view our confections menu!


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Unique full service event styling
Innovative INSPIRED Events
Detail of your vision with Artisan Design Concepts
Unforgettable Eye Candy
No event is too small for Your Mind’s Eye

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